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 Tsubaki Hikoshi
Tsubaki Hikoshi
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 01:13 PM

Ravenclaw First Year
Member Since: June 03, 2018

Tsubaki Hikoshi - Ravenclaw 1st year
Age: 11
Birthday:May 18
Wand:10 1/2" Ivy W/Pixie Wing
Physical Appearance: long, wavy blonde hair often adorned with flowers and held back in either a braid or ponytail. She has fair skin and bright green eyes. As she is a student she is usually seen in her school uniform. (couldn't get the picture to show up so described her instead)
Father: deceased muggle
Profession: he was a lawyer
Mother: owner of a magic tea shop called Solace
Age: 30
Profession: tea shop owner
Sibling(s): none
Special Ability: (If Applicable)
Advanced Skill: (If Applicable)
Patronus: (If Applicable)
Other: knowledgeable with beginner plants and potions.

Character Quirks
Habits: a bit of a book worm, can sometimes be sly
Obsessions: herbology, astronomy and astrology and potion practice
Likes: reading, herbology, astronomy, astrology, stargazing
Dislikes: rude people, being around a lot of people
Strengths: can remember a lot of what she reads, doesn't give up easily, has experience working in a tea shop with her mother.
Weaknesses: has social anxiety so she doesn't do well with a lot of people, she rather be with animals and nature than people most of the time.

Favorite Color: sea blue, forest green.
Favorite Smell:likes lot of types of flower smells, doesn't really have a favorite though.
Favorite Season: spring
Favorite Subject: herbology, astronomy, and potions

Tsubaki had grown up with her mother and father at first when she was quite young, they liked to travel all over Europe. Her mother was a skilled witch that worked with making teas and potions. Her father was a muggle, he was a lawyer and quite strict with rules in the house. He knew his wife was a witch and fully supported her and what she wanted to do. He had spent most of his time saving money for his wife and daughter so that if anything were to happen that they wouldn’t go without. When Tsubaki was eight years old, her father had died in a car accident while in the muggle world for work. He had chosen a house for them that was near both the magic and muggle world before he had died. It was in the country area with a lot of land for all of them to use. Tsubaki’s mother had started using most of it for gardening. It wasn’t until Tsubaki was ten years old that they had saved enough money to open the magic tea shop that her mother had dreamed of making, she had called it, “Solace”. The magic tea shop sold several kinds of teas that helped with ailments that people often suffered from, be it headaches, colds, stomach aches or irritability. She also sold many useful potions in the shop as well. When she had time she started to teach Tsubaki how to make simple teas and potions. When she wasn’t helping with that she was gathering the herbs and spices that her mother had taught her to get for the store. A lot of the time they did that together. It was hard at first without her father, but they were getting on day by day. Every night her mother would tell her stories of her time at Hogwarts, where she had attended to become better at her abilities as a witch. This made Tsubaki want to go to the same school, so she had hoped that she would get the letter her mother often spoke of so that she too, could become a great witch much like her mother.
It wasn’t until midsummer that she had gotten her letter for Hogwarts, she had begun to lose hope but one day when she had been bullied as she walked to get herbs for her mother, vines had wrapped around the child teasing her. This had of course scared her at first, so she ran back home and told her mother about it. Despite what she had been expecting, which was a scolding at least; her mother instead smiled at her and was ecstatic and not long after the incident her acceptance letter to Hogwarts had arrived. She would soon be going to the same school that her mother went to.
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