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 Flying Activity
Prof. Amelia Diaz
 Posted: Mar 11 2017, 08:06 PM

Member Since: October 20, 2011

This break was starting to get the students a little out of hand lately, boredom, lack of structure in the school, the kids seemed to think that they could do whatever they wanted. It was time to get back into business, and along with some of the other professors, here she was holding a special flying activity. Amelia put on her robes over top of a white blouse, black pants and a pair of black, knee high boots.

Amelia knew that the class wouldn’t stay quiet. It was a break and these kids showing up were already bored, they had to be, why else would they be here? Amelia waited for students to start showing up, standing off to the side with her broomstick in her hand.

((No attempting to fly until given instruction - however, if you would like to take a flight into the stands and spend some time in the infirmary and detention, it could be fun lol))

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