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 Auriella Lucillian Prewett, Here's my character descr. Open to RP.
Auriella Prewett
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 12:29 AM

Slytherin First Year
Member Since: January 04, 2018

I am Auriella Lucillian Prewett and I'm an 11 yr. old first year. When I found out what the houses were, I was desperate to avoid Slytherin. I begged the hat not to put me in Slytherin, that I'd only be crushed under their hatred. Everyone told me that Slytherins NEVER accept anyone but Purebloods! I don't have the strength to continuously fight their hateful glares. Some of them are so cruel that they physically abuse me. The girls are the worst, they pull me by my hair, push me around, and gang up on me all of the time, screaming about how I'll never be popular, loved, accepted, or have friends. They tell me I'm a worthless piece of trash. But I have one Slytherin friend who always picks me up and makes sure I hold my head up high, but I can't tell you her name. This is for her safety, and my sanity. I wish I had a way to show them that I do belong here, but I will not be evil...

Of course, this is not my first time dealing with this. My "father" was a horrible man who abused my mother and I non-stop. My mom finally left him when I was 2, taking me on the run with her. She met my step-father soon after I was born (which is when my "dad" became abusive.) My mom had a child, my little sister, Athuria Emerson Prewett a year later with Adrian.
When we escaped, we ran away to my step-father's (Adrian Prewett) home, where I met the sister I love now with all of my heart. She's getting her letter to Hogwarts 2 years from now. I'm so excited and terrified for her at the same time. I hope she gets into Hufflepuff.

I should probably explain my being related to Lily Evans AND Severus Snape. Severus Snape had an older brother named Tobias Snape, my abusive Squib "father." Severus never knew of Tobias, as he was disowned and thought to be dead by many in the Wizarding World because of their father spreading that as a rumour. Lily Evans was my Aunt. She was the youngest of 3 siblings, my mom being the oldest. My mom was never known in the family trees, because she was disowned when she married Tobias Snape. My grandmother knew he was trouble and boy was she right!

Lily and Lillianna were great friends at Hogwarts as my mother was a Slytherin and a long-time friend and then girlfriend of Severus Snape who broke up with my mother when she was in her Fourth Year. Severus broke my mom's heart so she finally caved when Tobias Snape came around persistently asking my mother for a chance to date her, and they eventually married. My mum thought she loved him but he would beat her every time she used magic, as he was a Squib. When I started showing signs of magic, he began hurting abusing me too.

Similar to Lily, my mother died at the hands of an evil man, when my mother placed herself in front of me to protect me. Adrian's house is where it happened, when Adrian was at work, my mother heard a bang downstairs and quickly picked up her wand to defend us and she sent an urgent patronus to Adrian. And suddenly she was in front of Tobias. Now, unlike Lily’s death, Tobias is a Squib, so my mother wasn’t expecting magic, but she was never expecting a flying dagger to come flying towards me and another towards my sister. I was hit with my sister’s and my mother took mine in the heart. I was devastated as a seven year old, and Adrian was now left with just me and Athuria (5 years old). I survived my injury in my hand, but I screamed in agony of losing my mother.

Tobias laughed, walking towards me with another dagger. Adrian rushed in quickly hitting him with a booming “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” and instantly, Tobias was taken to Azkaban. He’s still there to this very day. And Adrian did his best to raise me and Athuria the right way. He still mourned every day for the loss of his lovely Lillianna...and has never been romantically involved with anyone since.

Name: Auriella Lucillian Prewett (previously Snape)
Name Pronunciation: are-rE-ella loo-silly-en prew-it (sounds like brew but with a p)
Age: 11
Birthday: August 1, 1980
Family Relations:
"Father": Tobias Snape (Severus's Squib Step-brother)
Mother: Lillianna Prewett (nee Evans) (previously Snape)
Step Sister: Athuria Emerson Prewett
Step Father: Adrian Prewett
Uncle: Severus Snape
Aunt: Lily Evans
Phy. Description:
Eye Color: Green Eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Height: 5’
Weight: MYOB, I am almost as thin as a stick though.
Very protective of love ones, very loyal, trustworthy, EXTREMELY IMPATIENT, insecure, unconfident but acts the confident part well in public, sassy, sarcastic, witty, smart, and an extremely talented witch. Loves to laugh, prank, play music, read, sing, dance, and do magic.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: 10" Black Walnut, Unicorn Hair with a supple flexibility
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